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December 2, 2018

I’m Isobel Udein… I’ll be your host for the next twelve years if Second Life lasts as long as I’ve been around (*hint – if Sansar doesn’t take over – yes, I’m looking at you, Linden Labs!).

Originally rezzed into Second Life in 2006 as Undaunted Vacirca, I first created Isobel as an alt roleplay character, but abandoned that storyline and started logging her when I had downtime from RP.

Most of my time over the years has been spent as a faerie, drow, kitsune, undine – something-or-other. Even ‘out of charcter’ (not roleplaying) in human form, it’s difficult for me to put away the wings and elf ears, so you may see them slip through my human facade from time to time.

What does Izzy like to do? Explore, Gacha, and Landscape Design hit the top of the list. All this time in Second Life, you’d think by now I’d have started to actually CREATE something. I always said I’d open a wing store some day. That never came to fruition. I stayed too busy roleplaying. Then someone introduced me to the addiction that is GACHA and now my inventory is a FRIGHTENING PLACE.

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