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once upon a time, we had the greenies.

Long ago in the good ole' days of Second Life, there was a sim home to the famous Greenies. It was sort of like a "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" theme - (if you're too young to know what that is, think "Toy Story"). In the world of Greenies, you were small and everything around you was big (sculpties and mega prims...this was long before mesh!). You could walk through a monstrous sized house, all of the furniture and decor towered over you, the house cat (cleverly named "Catastrophic") judged you with his piercing yellow eyes, and these little guys called the Greenies were all over the place causing mischief or just being inherently curious about our world (see Sadly, the sim closed in 2010 when the creators, Rezzable, left Second Life.

Recently I learned that some amazing folks, Six & Justice Vought, have opened a memorial sim to pay homage to our beloved Greenies! You have to see it to believe it! Of course the original little green men are not here due to copyright, but if you ever visited the first Greenies sim, you will feel right at home at Once Upon a Time. I hope you'll take some time to see what a wonderful job they have done building it. Everything is interactive so click, click, click! And watch out for that banana peel in the kitchen! Teleport:


Unfortunately, I was unable to find most of my photos of the old Greenies sim. But here is one shot of my nooby original avatar in 2007 hanging out in the bird cage. Apologies for the terrible quality. Photography has really come a long way in the last 13 years!

And here are the famous Catastrophic and one of our Greenies! These photos were taken in 2011 at another memorial that popped up for a few years. The Greenies and Catastrophic were on display for you to look at but there wasn't a house or full sim to wander through.


And now for the real treat... my shenanigans at Once Upon a Time. ^.^

The crazy birblady couldn't leave without taking a photo with the birb!

As I said... watch out for that banana peel :)

We all float down here... ;-)

Never was a cornflake girl...

I told Han and Chewie they couldn't leave without me...

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